Futures Categories

Please find below a list of all instruments available via our Futures trading service.


Symbol Name Intraday
MBTM3 Micro Bitcoin $150
METM3 Micro Ether $20


Symbol Name Intraday
ZMN3 Soybean Meal $50
ZCN3 Corn $250
XCN3 Mini-Corn $50
ZSN3 Soybean $1,100
ZWN3 Wheat $1,031
LEQ3 Live Cattle $440
ZLN3 Soybean Oil $770
GFQ3 Feeder Cattle $784


Symbol Name Intraday
GCQ3 Gold $500
HGN3 Copper $1,513
MGCQ3 Micro Gold $50
MHGN3 Micro Copper $100
PLN3 Platinum $935
QOQ3 E-mini Gold $250
SIN3 Silver $2,338


Symbol Name Intraday
6AM3 Australian Dollar $400
6BM3 British Pound $500
6CM3 Canadian Dollar $400
6MM3 Mexican Peso $358
6SM3 Swiss Franc $1,004
6NM3 New Zealand Dollar $385
6EM3 Euro FX $300
E7M3 E-mini Euro FX $150
M6AM3 Micro AUD/USD $40
M6BM3 Micro GBP/USD $50
M6EM3 Micro EUR/USD $50
MCDM3 Micro CAD/USD $40
6JM3 Japanese Yen $756

Interest Rates

Symbol Name Intraday
10YM3 Micro 10-Year Yield $45
ZQN3 30 Day FedFund $144


Symbol Name Intraday
MCLN3 Micro WTI Crude Oil $50
BZQ3 Brent Crude Oil $2,393
CLN3 Crude Oil $500
HON3 Heating Oil $3,850
NGN3 Natural Gas $1,000
QGN3 E-mini Natural Gas $250
RBN3 RBOB Gasoline $3,300
QMN3 E-mini Crude Oil $250

Equity Index

Symbol Name Intraday
EMDM3 E-mini S&P MidCap 400 $500
M2KM3 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 $50
MESM3 Micro E-mini S&P 500 $50
ESM3 E-mini S&P 500 $500
MNQM3 Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 $100
NQM3 E-mini Nasdaq-100 $1,000
RTYM3 E-mini Russell 2000 $500
YMM3 E-mini Dow Jones $500
MYMM3 Micro E-mini Dow Jones $50
NKDM3 Nikkei $1,925

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