Terms & Agreements

Risk Disclosure Statement(PDF file)

This statement provides customers with information about some of the risks associated with trading in futures and options. It is important that our customers fully understand the risks involved before deciding to enter into a trading relationship with us.

Account Agreement(PDF file)

The contract that governs the relationship between the customer and Cunningham Commodities, LLC detailing all the terms and conditions relating to the use of the trading service.

End-User License Agreement(PDF file)

This agreement details the users' rights and obligations in using the Plus500 software and system provided by Cunningham Commodities, LLC.

Auto-Liquidation Disclosure(PDF file)

The policy that details Cunningham Commodities, LLC's right to automatically liquidate positions in margin-deficient accounts.

Privacy Policy(PDF file)

This policy explains how our customers’ personal information is managed and protected by Cunningham Commodities, LLC.

Market Data Subscription Agreement(PDF file)

This agreement governs our customers' access to receive and use certain market data.

Combined Account Disclosures(PDF file)

The document contains a number of disclosures such as the material conflicts of interest, cross trade consent, non-cash margin disclosure and others.