Trade Forex Futures with Plus500

Trade Futures on the most popular Forex Pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and more. Forex futures trading allows you access to the world of forex trading while keeping the advantages offered by more liquid, smaller positions.
Symbol Name Day Margin
6AM3 Australian Dollar $400 Trade
6BM3 British Pound $500 Trade
6CM3 Canadian Dollar $400 Trade
6MM3 Mexican Peso $358 Trade
6SM3 Swiss Franc $1,004 Trade
6NM3 New Zealand Dollar $385 Trade
6EM3 Euro FX $300 Trade
E7M3 E-mini Euro FX $150 Trade
M6AM3 Micro AUD/USD $40 Trade
M6BM3 Micro GBP/USD $50 Trade
M6EM3 Micro EUR/USD $50 Trade
MCDM3 Micro CAD/USD $40 Trade
6JM3 Japanese Yen $756 Trade
Trade Futures on Forex Pairs
With as little as $100 you can get to trading!
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Introduction to Forex

Forex Futures are derivative contracts in which a buyer and seller trade foreign exchange currency pairs such as EUR/USD at a fixed price, amount, and time in the future. Trading Forex Futures allows you to get access to the Forex market while potentially benefiting from smaller, highly-liquid positions in the future. Compared to traditional Spot Forex, whereby the currency pairs are traded on the spot, in a Forex Futures contract, for example, you might buy a certain number of EUR/USD Futures contracts to lock in an exchange rate, and then, if the contract expires you must buy the USD at a hopefully higher value, thus potentially benefiting from it. However, you need to keep in mind that even if its value drops, you will still be obligated to buy it at that predetermined time.

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With over four decades of experience in the field, our firm is a full member of the CME Group and the National Futures Association.

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We follow regulatory requirements to the letter, keeping your data safe and your funds in segregated accounts.


Plus500 Ltd is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market for Listed Companies & included in the FTSE 250.

Trading Forex FAQs

Forex Futures are settled either by cash settlement or physical delivery of the currency in question. At Plus500, the settlement is done by cash only.

With FX Futures trading, a buyer and seller agree to exchange one currency for another at a predetermined price and date.

You can start trading micro Forex Futures with Plus500 with a minimum deposit of $100.