Futures Categories

Please find below a list of all instruments available via our Futures trading service.


Symbol Name Intraday
MBTG4 Micro Bitcoin $100
METG4 Micro Ether $20


Symbol Name Intraday
ZMK4 Soybean Meal $715
ZCK4 Corn $250
ZSK4 Soybean $910
ZWK4 Wheat $910
LEJ4 Live Cattle $510
ZLK4 Soybean Oil $550
GFH4 Feeder Cattle $865
HEJ4 Lean Hogs $410


Symbol Name Intraday
GCJ4 Gold $500
HGH4 Copper $1,375
MGCJ4 Micro Gold $50
MHGH4 Micro Copper $100
PLJ4 Platinum $690
QOJ4 E-mini Gold $250
SIH4 Silver $2,200


Symbol Name Intraday
6AH4 Australian Dollar $400
6BH4 British Pound $500
6CH4 Canadian Dollar $400
6MH4 Mexican Peso $385
6SH4 Swiss Franc $1,020
6NH4 New Zealand Dollar $425
6EH4 Euro FX $300
E7H4 E-mini Euro FX $150
M6AH4 Micro AUD/USD $40
M6BH4 Micro GBP/USD $50
M6EH4 Micro EUR/USD $50
MCDH4 Micro CAD/USD $40
6JH4 Japanese Yen $825

Interest Rates

Symbol Name Intraday
ZQJ4 30 Day FedFund $190
10YG4 Micro 10-Year Yield $45


Symbol Name Intraday
MCLJ4 Micro WTI Crude Oil $80
BZJ4 Brent Crude Oil $1,620
CLJ4 Crude Oil $800
HOJ4 Heating Oil $2,420
NGJ4 Natural Gas $1,000
QGJ4 E-mini Natural Gas $250
RBJ4 RBOB Gasoline $1,965
QMJ4 E-mini Crude Oil $400
MNGJ4 Micro Natural Gas $100

Equity Index

Symbol Name Intraday
EMDH4 E-mini S&P MidCap 400 $500
MESH4 Micro E-mini S&P 500 $50
ESH4 E-mini S&P 500 $500
NQH4 E-mini Nasdaq-100 $1,000
YMH4 E-mini Dow Jones $500
MYMH4 Micro E-mini Dow Jones $50
NKDH4 Nikkei $1,705
MNQH4 Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 $100
M2KH4 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 $50
RTYH4 E-mini Russell 2000 $500

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