How can I close a position?

Among the reasons for position closure we have the following:

Offset a trade (manual liquidation) - most common method of exiting a trade. To offset a position, a trader must take out an opposite and equal transaction to neutralize the trade. With Plus500 Futures the user can offset a trade by either clicking on the close button next to the order he wishes to close (from “Portfolio=> Open”) or by opening an opposite position for the same number of contracts.

Execution of an offset Limit order or Stop order- when the conditions of the offset Limit order or Stop order are met the order will be executed and this will result in the offset of the trade.

Auto-liquidation for contract expiry - If a trader has not offset or rolled his position prior to contract expiration, the contract will expire and it will be liquidated automatically as Plus500 Futures does not support delivery.

Auto-liquidation for insufficient equity- In the event that the Customer’s Net Equity falls below the Intraday margin requirement and/or the full margin requirement during the closing period, we may Auto Liquidate some or all of the open positions or/and live orders.

Price limits - if positions are held within a predetermined number of ticks in front of lock limit up or down moves, those positions may be subject to auto-liquidation as any initiating position orders.

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