5 Best Futures Trading Tips

Date Modified: 26/03/2023

While it is true that Futures are multifaceted and allow you access to a plethora of rich markets. When you trade them it’s essential to keep a few trading tips in mind. Some of these pointers may assist in making more informed Futures trading decisions. Here are 5 helpful tips for Futures trading for every trader.

5 Best Futures Trading Tips

Plan Your Trading Strategy and Manage Your Risk

Planning your trading strategy is a crucial and prudent part of your overall trading experience. This is especially important for a market as diverse and rich as the Futures market. In order to develop a trading strategy, you must understand when to enter and exit the market and how to use risk management tools like stop-loss orders to your advantage.

Broadly speaking, when planning your Futures trade, you can either go long or short, whereby in going long, traders buy Futures to potentially profit from increasing prices. On the other hand, in going short, traders sell Futures to potentially profit from decreasing prices. Another possible trading plan is to attempt to profit from spreads. This means that traders may buy one futures contract and sell another with the hope of profiting from their price gap over time.

In order to find the Futures trading strategy that fits you best, you can examine what type of trader you are, what your trading goals and needs are, and how your traded underlying asset tends to perform. To do so, you may refer to technical analysis tools and charts that would help you understand price patterns better. Keep in mind, however, that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Trade with Patience

As the old saying goes, “patience is a virtue.” This is especially true when it comes to trading. It’s no secret that the markets can be quite volatile and that prices can shift every minute of every day, especially when talking about the Futures market which is open for trade almost 24 hours a day, six days a week. However, this is exactly why traders need to practice patience in order to see things proportionally and not lose sight of the bigger picture.

While it is crucial for traders to keep a keen eye on their traded instruments and any price shifts, trading every possible uptick or downtick can sometimes be problematic. Therefore, knowing that things can sometimes take time is important to sustaining a sane and prudent trading experience.

This goes along with learning to master your emotions and not letting them interfere with your discipline. While being flexible is an essential skill when it comes to trading, especially when the markets tend to move from time to time, knowing how to maintain your discipline and stick with your trading plan is as important as being able to alter it. In other words, being calm and focused under pressure is a good and critical skill to hone.

Understand Your Chosen Futures Contract

Understanding the type of Futures contract and its nuances will help you determine your overall goals and potential long-term gains. Futures can be traded on a wide variety of markets that are often very different from one another, so understanding how each market works is vital to success.

For example, Commodity Futures contracts provide access to energy, agriculture, and precious metals commodities. Traders who are interested in commodity trading need to keepin mind that while this sector can be highly liquid, it is also susceptible to changes brought about by geopolitical shifts and weather conditions among other factors. Similarly, those who seek access to the foreign exchange market, without having ownership of the currencies can do so through Forex Futures. The Forex market is one of the most traded and liquid markets in the world, but it is also one of the most volatile markets for various reasons. In other words, understanding how each type of Futures market works is a must when it comes to trading.

Never Stop Learning and Practicing

A perhaps more straightforward guideline that should be taken as a rule of thumb is that traders should never stop learning and practicing. This is true for trading in general, and Futures trading in particular, especially due to the fact that the latter offers access to a wide variety of financial markets. With such a multitude of markets, knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how each market functions become key to a more informed and successful trading experience.

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Find Your Suitable Trading Platform

Finding a suitable trading platform is the icing on the cake when it comes to a comfortable and fruitful trading journey. For traders looking for a trustworthy Futures trading platform with risk management tools, a free and unlimited demo account, free educational resources, and low margins and fees, Plus500's Futures trading platform can be an excellent choice.


There are many guidelines and trading advice traders can follow when trading Futures contracts some of which are mentioned above. Regardless of whichever type of contract you choose, keep in mind that knowledge is key. Educating yourself, understanding how Futures work, and practicing trading is key to successful results. Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind that past performance does not guarantee future results, and as such, you must always be prepared with risk management tools and a trading plan. Most importantly, you need to find a reputable and reliable trading platform that would facilitate the challenges that might arise when trading Futures. If you follow the aforementioned tips on how to trade Futures, you may be able to enjoy a smoother trading experience.